Timexpert Sun Oil Bronze – SPF20 – 200ml

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Timexpert Sun Oil Bronze – SPF20 – 200ml


This extra-light oil combines our Tan Activating Technology to increase the skin’s natural tanning process whilst providing hydration, nourishment and protection from UV rays. Enjoy a natural, prolonged tan with luminous and hydrated skin. Water resistant.

Promotes tanning while protecting the skin. Achieves a faster, beautiful and longer lasting tan thanks to Melaninboost (to activate the skins natural melanin production) and Apricot and Carrot oils. Nourishes, moisturises and illuminates. 

Main Benefits

• Evens out skin tone 

• Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

• Prevents dark spots from blue light

• Protects skin against pollution


Spray generously on the body and re-apply as needed.

Tip: Apply your sun protection 30 minutes before sun exposure. This allows the product time to absorb, ensuring your skin is protected from the second you step into the sun.

✓ Cruelty Free
✓ Vegan

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