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This book features photographs of some designs and wedding dresses sewn by our father Manuel Camilleri – a passionate dressmaker from Żebbiegħ Malta who spent 50 years of his life dedicated to fashion and dressmaking.
Manuel was a loving husband and father of three daughters who sadly passed away in 2020 after fighting a short-lived battle against prostate cancer. In the last days of his life spent in hospital, mostly alone due to COVID-19 restrictions, we wished there was a complex for palliative care in Malta. It was a family wish at the time to find a place like St. Michael’s Hospice where dad could comfortably live his last days out of a hospital environment while being provided with the required palliative treatment. At the time, this was unfortunately not available in Malta. It is this heartfelt need that inspired us to do something to help fund this much needed complex.

This book features a few of the many wedding dresses honouring his great creative and artistic dressmaking skills.
A talent we wish to share with you to help fund St. Michael’s Hospice through the sale of this publication.